A Line Shadow : Hamid Rayhan

A Line Shadow, Hamid Rayhan’s first fiction, unconventional in form and style with multidimensional settings and characters’ sparks, although it’s written this year 2020, sets in the mid-1971s in the village of Sreemongal, Moulvibazar. It’s narrated by Sophia, a lass who lives together with her mother, young sister, Mafia andContinue Reading


Charyapada Charyapada the earliest extant Bangla poems, also known as Charyagiti and dating back to at least the 9th century. A manuscript of writings on palm-leafs containing the poems was discovered in the library of the royal court of Nepal in 1907 by haraprasad shastri. Shastri edited the manuscript whichContinue Reading

Geetanjali : rabindranath tagore

Geetanjali Geetanjali is a remarkable book of verses composed by rabindranath tagore (1861-1941), which earned him the Nobel Prize. It was written originally in Bangla during 1908-1909 and later its English version in prose was published under the title ‘The Song offerings’. It was the first English anthology of RabindranathContinue Reading

Balaka : Rabindranath Tagore

Balaka A book of poetry on the theme of dynamic consciousness, written by rabindranath tagore in 1916. This poetic work emerged as a part of an evolutionary process of the poetic mind of Rabindranath. In pre-Balaka poetry, the poet’s feelings were expressed through emotions. But in Balaka, those feelings foundContinue Reading