Bharati Bharati a Bangla periodical. It was first published in 15 Sravan, 1284 BS (29 July 1877). jyotirindranath tagore (1849-1925) pioneered the publication of this literary magazine. dwijendranath tagore (1840-1926) was its editor. Rabindranath contributed three pieces for the first issue and very soon the Bharati became a prominent periodical.Continue Reading

Tattvabodhini Patrika

Tattvabodhini Patrika Tattvabodhini Patrika’ organ of Tattvabodhini Sabha of the brahma samaj. The journal was first published on 16 August 1843 from Calcutta to propagate the Brahma faith and to enable regular contact among members of Tattvabodhini Sabha. akshay kumar datta was its editor, and debendranath tagore was charged withContinue Reading


Sabujpatra Sabujpatra was first published on 25th Baishakh 1321 BS (1914) and edited by pramatha chowdhury (1868-1946). rabindranath tagore inspired him to publish such a journal. The only colour used in it was sabuj (green). A green palmleaf drawn by Nandalal Bose was its cover illustration. No picture was everContinue Reading