Sari Gan

Sari Gan a kind of folk song, sung especially by boatmen. It is often known as workmen’s song as well. The name sari gan is derived from the fact that boatmen or crew usually sit in a sari or row while singing such songs. It is also popular among workersContinue Reading

Short Stories

Short Stories Although the Pavchatantra and Kathasaritsagar in sanskrit and the jataka and Divyavadan in pali and also Aesop’s fables and the Thousand and One Nights are full of organised tales, but these are not, in fact, short stories. As the Gesta Romanorum and the Decameron are not short stories,Continue Reading


Novel as a branch of Bangla literature evolved in the early 19th century under the influence of English literature. While the term ‘novel’ generally means an extended work of prose fiction, the Bangla word for novel, upanyas, which derives from the words upanay and upanyasta, suggests a greater sense ofContinue Reading

Film Studio

Film Studio is an establishment with various technical facilities for making a motion picture. Although filmmaking began in laboratories, its subsequent growth and progress depended on studios. A studio is equipped to handle the various stages of filmmaking including shooting, dubbing, recording, editing, processing and printing. Thomas Alva Edison establishedContinue Reading

Short Film

Short Film is a genre in the film industry and by definition it is of short length. The film that the Lumiere Brothers (Auguste Lumiere [1862-1954] and Louis Lumiere [1864-1948]) produced and exhibited at the Salon Indien du Grand CafE9 in Paris on 28 December 1895 was the first shortContinue Reading

Feature Film

Feature Film In the 1990s, on an average, 80 feature films were released in Bangladesh. Investment in film industry was also colossal and everyday, more than a million people viewed pictures in about 1,500 cinema halls of the country. Innumerable directors, artists, technicians and workers are involved in this industry.Continue Reading