Shamima Tusty: Always busy and never rusty

Shamima Tusty

Shamima Tusty: Always busy and never rusty

Twenty-one years ago, Shamima Tusty graced the stage as a theatre actor. Years later, her career has expanded into modeling, television and film. Her movie ‘Nondito Noroke’ earned her a lot of praise as an artiste. The versatile actor is also a member of Shilpi Shongher Association, while simultaneously juggling between upcoming and ongoing TV projects which always keep her busy. The star opens up with more tidbits in an interview with The Daily Star.
What are you currently busy with?
I am currently busy with tele-fictions on air as well as some new projects. Full HD is currently airing on Maasranga TV. You can also watch me on Banglavision in the tele-fiction Pagla Hawa. At this moment, I am shooting for Cheating Master by Sanjit Sarkar, as well as another new tele-fiction aired by Shamim Zaman.
What would you consider your turning point in theatre?
I work with Lokonatyadal, which is based in Siddheswari. I joined 21 years ago, and appeared in Kanjus. This play was my first turning point.
Which television venture first brought you fame?
It was a tele-fiction titled Bhober Haat. I portrayed a character named Miss Nahela. It was directed by Salahuddin Lavlu, and became immensely popular with the audience. Other cast members were ATM Shamsuzzaman, Humayun Faridi and other great names from the acting industry.
Do you like acting in commercials?
I do enjoy it. In fact, I have recently acted in an interesting commercial for a renowned brand of soybean oil, which will be on air soon. I’ve done many ads during my career, but out of them, the Mirzapore Tea ad is probably the best known.
You have not appeared in films for a long while, why is that?
I have been on a long hiatus, but that’s about to change soon. I will be appearing in a film named Gor, which is being directed by Gazi Rakayet.
-Shah Alam Shazu
Photo: Sheikh Mehedi Morshed
Source: thedailystar, 27 September 2018

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