Bharati Bharati a Bangla periodical. It was first published in 15 Sravan, 1284 BS (29 July 1877). jyotirindranath tagore (1849-1925) pioneered the publication of this literary magazine. dwijendranath tagore (1840-1926) was its editor. Rabindranath contributed three pieces for the first issue and very soon the Bharati became a prominent periodical.Continue Reading


Sabujpatra Sabujpatra was first published on 25th Baishakh 1321 BS (1914) and edited by pramatha chowdhury (1868-1946). rabindranath tagore inspired him to publish such a journal. The only colour used in it was sabuj (green). A green palmleaf drawn by Nandalal Bose was its cover illustration. No picture was everContinue Reading