OF MODERN MASTERS AND A GARDEN CINEMA One of the perks of being a film student in London is regularly being exposed to the best films of the world. The city lives for cinema. The biggest highlight of the year for all cinema aficionados is undoubtedly the BFI London FilmContinue Reading

Pori Moni

BIRTHDAY BLAST Actor Pori Moni will turn a new leaf in life today, as she grows a year older. She hopes to make the day special by spending time with children, for they have a special place in her heart. For the past few years, the famed actor has beenContinue Reading

Arundhati Roy

An Ode to Arundhati Roy Whenever I think of Arundhati Roy, I am reminded of afternoons on the rooftop with soothing breeze and neighbourhood pigeons circling the sky. I recall my time last year when I didn’t have to deal with as much pressure as I have to now. AsContinue Reading

Shamima Tusty

Shamima Tusty: Always busy and never rusty Twenty-one years ago, Shamima Tusty graced the stage as a theatre actor. Years later, her career has expanded into modeling, television and film. Her movie ‘Nondito Noroke’ earned her a lot of praise as an artiste. The versatile actor is also a memberContinue Reading